I really don’t understand people sometimes. I’ve noticed a lot lately that people are getting touchy if a simmer doesn’t have enough ‘diversity’ in their game. Ok so ONE its their game not yours, and TWO why should it matter how someone makes their sims or plays their game? Answer? It shouldn’t!!! Its a game people get off your high horse! I’m sure YOU don’t have the most diverse game in the world, as a matter of fact I guarantee it! I swear the only people that I see that posts a fairly diverse set of sims is probably theloveofpixels and moncoeursims. After that just about everyone posts sims that in a way are modeled after them! and just for clarification when I say diverse I mean as in they make sims that are good mixes of other races, or something, and its probably due to the fact that they are both actually very good Sim makers! I have primarily white sims, with some chub to them, and others that are skinny. I rarely have a different ethnicity sim and yeah sometimes I feel like I’m being a little discriminatory but lets face it, I SUCK at making sims. Especially sims of another race, I mean we all saw the American Indian sim I tried to make, I don’t think she would have turned out looking Indian at all if I hadn’t gotten some help from the simming community on how to better angle her face and stuff. But really it just bugs me. Just because someone plays primarily skinny white sims or skinny black sims or blue and purple skinny or fat sims doesn’t  mean they HATE other shapes and sizes or races. It just means that they like their sims that way. So can everyone please stop trying to find fault with someones sims by trying to say they are racist? Please!